“I believe you have reached us and changed us for the better. I highly recommend your presentation to anyone who wants to change their safety culture and attitude on a large scale replica watches. ” - Joseph R. Posusney, Safety Director, Merck & Company, Inc.

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Almost every location I go to for a presentation the same question arises, "Billy, how do we keep the message alive?" Believe me, I give it a lot of thought myself and one answer I know for sure is the resources we offer. In the past, as you know, I haven't spent any time trying to push this stuff. But that is all going to change, because I know it makes a huge difference.   

All of the resources we offer and will be offering are intended to do one thing. Help you help your people to work safe! They are all by design as part of a proven strategy to not only enhance the 'Hooked On Safety®' presentations, but to keep the main points of the presentations in the minds of attendees for months if not years after your meetings are over.

The posters and postcards are designed to reinforce key portions of the presentation every time they are seen. They will see the picture, read the slogan and immediately remember the story!

When the t-shirts are worn by attendees in the workplace everyone who sees them will be taken back to the part of the presentation that impacted them the most.

The 'Participant's Handbook's' should be a must for everyone there. Put in the hands of all attendees it becomes a powerful tool that will be taken home and shared with the whole family. 

Of course, the video or CD of the presentation should be required viewing by all employees....and be made available for checkout so it can be viewed by family and friends. 

We have everything you need from sports bottles, mag lites, golf shirts, coolers to hard hat decals to help you keep the message burning. They can be used in drawings, door prizes.... get creative.

Order your resources before your planned "Hooked On Safety®' presentation and be ready to increase the results of your upcoming event. If your meeting has already taken place, invest now to enhance your results and continue making an impact.fake watches

Click on the 'resources - products'  link to see what we have to offer. Check out our safety reminders. It's an investment you will never regret making in your people.

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